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History of Sandalford Wines


Sandalford Winery is not only one of the oldest wineries in Western Australia, but is one of the oldest still-operating companies in the state. It’s been producing award winning wines since 1840. Their range can be found all over the world and their family culture is a big part of their secret to success.

The Sandalford Wines brand is very established and prestigious and we feel privileged to have worked on this project.



As part of their services Sandalford Wines offers a cinema experience for visitors where they show the history of the winery and the people who make it. They approached us to create their new film for their theatre shows. With roughly 4 tour groups arriving each day they have hundreds of new visitors each week and they all stop by the in-house cinema.

The film needed to be informative and engaging as well as visually stunning.



This was a long shoot with plenty of early mornings and sunset shoots. We filmed at the Swan Valley winery as well as down south at the Sandalford Margaret River location. Drone videography, steadycam shots, cinematic framing, and slow motion are all used to great effect here.

We also conducted audio interviews with the owners, head chef, and head winemaker which were then woven into the video.



The end result is one of the most visually satisfying videos we’ve created to date. The location, lighting, and subject were all tailor made for great shots. It’s also one of our longest single pieces. Sandalford Wines are extremely happy with the end product and plan to use this video to promote their winery for many years to come.

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