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Hot Ones Challenge: Adrian Alaberg


The Waverley Brewhouse is an amazing pub and nanobrewery (that means they make small batches of beer, not that they’re really tiny) and they have a great sense of fun. Piggy-backing off the success of the original Hot Ones Challenge in the US, The Waverley created their own chicken wing challenge for patrons to take on. 6 wings with 6 ever increasing spicy sauces, and the final one comes with a serious warning for new players.
The amazing PR team at Peach & Pineapple worked alongside us to produce this series.


Hans Bruechle hosts the show and takes his guests through the spicy gauntlet. In this episode our guest is Perth comedian and sketch comic Adrian Alaberg who starts strongly but hits some trouble towards the end…


This is a great example of Birdhouse Media taking an idea from initial concept through to delivery, with everything in between. Hot Ones is filmed with a 3 person crew, plus host, and producer. The video edits are social media specific and consumer-facing so they have to be entertaining. We spent some time creating a host of animated graphics and title sequences that pepper the different videos. They keep the pace moving and remind viewers where we’re up to. We also created several different lengths of edits: full length for YouTube and website, under 60 second for Instagram, and delivered different screen formats like widescreen 16:9, square (for Insta), and 9:16 for Insta stories.


Hot Ones is fun! The aim was to create shareable and engaging content that people would want to tag their friends in. Now if you look online you can see people commenting on the difficulty of the challenge and pumping each other up to give it a shot. It sets The Waverley apart as a venue with a sense of humour as well as quality. See the Danny Green episode of Hot Ones HERE