Hunter Communications


Hunter Communications is one of Perth’s most energetic PR agencies. Their talented staff of creatives have a style and flair that is all their own and their clients love them for it. They offer strategic marketing and communications solutions to help their clients grow and evolve quickly.



Hunter Comms needed a red hot hype video that reflected their energy and enthusiasm. It was to feature on their website and social media channels as well as being used in pitch meetings and marketing to prospective clients. Their vibe is colourful, fun, and fast-paced.



The Hunter Communications offices are awesome! With plenty of colour and quirky graphics everywhere it was easy to shoot interesting footage. We set up a few different scenarios – meeting with clients, product testing, etc… to show the staff in their natural environment. Then in the edit it was quick cuts and clever time lapse videography to ramp up that energy.



This video is now the first thing Hunter Communications shows people to help them understand what HC is all about. The pace is fast and engaging, the graphics are eclectic, and it’s short enough to hold your attention. All in all an easy shoot and a very fun edit.

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