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Kalgoorlie Go BOLD


If you’ve never been to the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder then you have been missing out! It kind of has everything – from sprawling goldfields landscapes and outback getaways, to cultural hubs and those famous Kalgoorlie bars 😏 

Yes it’s famously a gold mining mecca but Kalgoorlie is reinventing itself as the perfect place for families and young professionals to call home. Enter Birdhouse Media.


Our task for this rebranding campaign was to produce, film, and edit several commercials with slightly different targets – one was aimed at young families, one at young professionals, and one was specific to the mining industry. All of the content needed to match and have a fun, upbeat energy reflective of the Kalgoorlie atmosphere.


Our crew actually shipped out to Kal and stayed there for around a week, filming and gathering experiences for the edits. There was a LOT to see and do with some of the highlights being: hunting for honey ants in the middle of nowhere, filming at the famous Kalgoorlie Cup horse race (yes it got messy), and visiting golf courses, bars, and historic sites.

After our filming week in the goldfields the post production was completed in our East Perth studios. All editing, colour grading, and music mixing was done by Birdhouse with the voice over (voiced by the famous Pete Rowsthorn) and final branding graphics created and supplied to us by Marketforce.


The end result is a suite of eclectic and fun commercial content that shows why Kalgoorlie is such a fun place to visit and live. We had a lot of fun producing this project and it gave us an opportunity to stretch our creative scheduling legs (there were a lot of places to visit and film in a very short time). Viva la Kalgoorlie!

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