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The City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of the most interesting and unique towns in Australia and they want you to know about it! With heaps to do and plenty of local characters to meet it’s the perfect relocation spot for families, young professionals, or anyone looking to change up their “normal”. Kalgoorlie decided that they needed a gritty and fun TV campaign to show everyone just how much is going on in this vibrant centre. A lot of people still think Kalgoorlie is a sleepy ex-gold mining town but they could not be more wrong.


We headed out to Kalgoorlie for a week of filming during their busiest period of the year – Kalgoorlie Cup race week. Yep, this annual horse race sees the town swell to capacity and with that comes a whole lot of action. Our job was to film just about everything Kal has to offer. We hinted for honey ants, took a Harley Davidson trike tour, met the local woodworker “Chunky”, and checked out all of the iconic bars and restaurants in the area. Not to mention the energy of the Kal Cup horse race!


The filming schedule was hectic to say the least. We seemed to be zooming all over town filming a million different things. When we returned to the edit the brief was to make it “gritty” and “real” and a bit of fun. The main aim of this campaign was to dispel the myths that many people still hold about Kalgoorlie. It’s not sleepy, it’s not boring, and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. The voice over was provided by the always hilarious Pete Rowsthorn and recorded by Flare. We filmed all footage, completed all the editing, and sent the final compile off to be published and submitted to CAD. This was most definitely a Birdhouse Media production.


We are really proud of this production. We worked really hard on all aspects of it – from the epic filming week to the creative and fun edit. The final delivery was 4 x different television commercials (this example is just one of them) each targeted at a different market. One was aimed at young professionals, another at mining industry professionals, one at families, and one at those who are bold. Check out some of our other TV commercials HERE