London House Corporate Video


This London House corporate video was created for one of the most prestigious and elegant building in the heart of Perth City CBD owned and run by Hawaiian. Their community of tenants and visitors have access to a platform called “London Collective” which gives them fast access to all facilities, concierge, and contact with other tenants.

The feel of this property is old-world class and sophistication so think grand pianos and leather Chesterfields.



London House asked us to create a graphic-heavy corporate video to explain the benefits and process of using their “London Collective” online portal. The vast majority of the video is screen capture and creatively animated to be interesting and mixed in with location footage.



The Birdhouse team worked in three areas on this video – location shooting, graphic and animation editing, and voice over. We offer in-house voice over capabilities which cuts down on production time and cost. No more paying a third party voice over artist.

We also captured the screen grabs of a user interacting with the online software, and combined all elements into this one informative piece.



Keeping relevant information in a video without making people bored is the challenge. This London Collective corporate video has been instrumental in helping new and existing tenants understand the tools provided by Hawaiian.

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