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Lucky Shot Photo Booth


Strap in for a party with Lucky Shot Photo Booth! It doesn’t matter whether it’s for a birthday party, corporate event, graduation, or wedding Lucky Shot have a booth for that.

Their booth is portable, looks great, and comes with a range of add-ons like customised photo strips, photo albums, and magnets. People love magnets.




Lucky Shot needed a super fun and vibrant video to advertise their services now that the COVID restrictions have started to ease in Perth. Now that people can have events again Lucky Shot wanted to make sure they were the first choice when people started having parties.

The messaging was simple – whatever sort of event you’re having, we’ve got the perfect photo booth for you.


This concept was written and produced entirely in-house at Birdhouse. Hans wrote the treatment, storyboarded the shots, and we filmed the entire thing in our studio with colourful backdrops. These coloured paper rolls give a different “personality” to each character and add a bit of fun to the shoot.

The best part about filming in our studio is that we can control every aspect of the shoot. We know exactly how our lighting setup works and how to get the best out of our cameras. The process was really fun with plenty of dancing around and people smiling. Great shoot!


We loved making this video and a big thanks to all of our amazing talent who were so enthusiastic.

Lucky Shot Photo Booth are ecstatic with the final product. They immediately posted it online and have received plenty of great attention. Here’s hoping the restrictions stay away so that we can all keep having huge parties!

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