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Martialytics showcase


Martialytics asked us to help showcase their software and it’s unique features, and they needed us to don our very best Karate Gi’s and whip out the nunchucks for some sweet action shots.

We kept them. We couldn’t help ourselves. 


Martialytics has been expanding with some new partners, and as a part of this expansion they wanted to push some online content forward with a hero video.

They wanted this video to be fun, punchy, and full of martial arts throwaways – choking out Hans was our idea!


We wanted to really have some fun with this video, as the brief from Martialytics was pretty loose – we had a ton of freedom to do what we wanted.

Including as many martial arts cliches as possible was a goal we set out from the start. This included the “Cobra Kai” sequence, Hans getting choked out (our favourite part), and the poor bonsai getting chopped in half.  



The final edit ticks all the boxes of fun, punchy, energetic, and full of martial arts tropes. We wanted to highlight what Martialytics can offer users by highlighting some key features of the software.

Throw in some fun transitions and she’s done!

If you’d like to check out Martialytics for yourself, click HERE.