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Mega Music TV Commercial


Just in time for Christmas Mega Music has stocked up and is ready to go! With the largest range of guitars, drums, amps, pro audio equipment, and heaps more. This is a music store that has everything you could possibly need as a musician. And for Christmas they needed a brand new TV commercial so they called us in to help!


Mega Music wanted to create a 15 second commercial for TV use. The messaging was all centred around the Christmas sales and the huge range of products they have on offer. Our job was to make their store look good, which was very very easy to do. Seriously, their guitar wall is insane!


We filmed every inch of the Mega Music store in Melville – the guitars, basses, drums, dj equipment, microphones, keyboards, all the way down to picks and guitar strings. The hardest part was fitting it all into 15 seconds!

We wrote the script, recorded the voice over in house, and did every single part of post production to make it ready for TV.

We also handled the submission to the TV networks – CAD and Adstream can be tricky to navigate but we’ve done it plenty of times.


It may not be the most cinematic commercial you’ll ever see but the team at Mega Music love it and have seen an upsurge in interest as we edge closer to Christmas. Plus they now have heaps of great footage of their store so we can create ongoing social media content without having to come out and film again. Smart.

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