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Melbourne Cup at Brookfield Place


It’s the race that stops the nation…from working for a few hours while they drink during the middle of the day. It’s Melbourne Cup! And Brookfield Place asked us to create a promo video for them to market their huge event on the big day this year. The venues involved in this combined function included some of the most popular in Perth city – Print HallLafayetteChoo ChoosSushia, and Bobèche to name a few. Strap in for a good time regardless of whether you even see a horse or not.


The job was to create social media-ready video content in the lead up to Melbourne Cup day. The idea being to spread the word around the city and surrounding areas and let people know that Brookfield Place was a going to be a hub of activity. With plenty of venues winding back their Melbourne Cup functions this year Brookfield Place felt it was important to remind people that they were still going large! That’s when we stepped in.


Seeing as though it was to promote an event that hadn’t happened yet we had to stage the video with models, food, and drink. The concept was to follow our talent around Brookfield Place as they visited all of the venues that were going to be involved in the event. The video was social media-specific which meant it had to be quick. So the edits are fast, the talent doesn’t spend too long at each location, and there is plenty of energy and colourful graphics to keep the pace up. While the production was hectic (we filmed it all in just a few hours) there is a natural flow to it and the process was headache free.


The final video attracted plenty of people to the big event and they all enjoyed the festivities (read: day drinking). From the initial consultation to the video going live was a very fast turnaround of under a week. This allowed all of the venues to know what they were serving on the day, to have everything prepared, and still make promotional use of the lead time before Melbourne Cup. We just hope someone had a big win that day. By the way, if you’d like to see some more of our event coverage work click HERE