Money Buzz


Money Buzz is a brand new portal for all the best information surrounding building your new home. If you’re planning on building then you’ll no doubt have a million questions, not least of which is “where do I find all of the answers?”

Money Buzz brings all of those answers to the most frequently asked questions together in one place. They offer advice and tutorials on how to do everything from find the right finance to dealing with builders and contractors.


Money Buzz is a brand new group so they asked us to come up with some content explaining what they are and what they offer. We really needed to get a heap of information across in a short period so we grabbed our host Hans and hit the studio.


For this series of content and explainer videos we kept the look very clean and simple (because the actual content is quite complicated). We didn’t want to overload the viewer with too much visual information to go with the conceptual information. 

Hans presented the script straight-to-camera in our own Birdhouse Studio (you have no idea how great it is having our own space with full time lighting setup), and then we added a lot of animated graphics and text as overlay.

We needed to add those graphics to highlight certain points and to fill out the space on screen so it didn’t just feel like a blank white wall. Of course all graphics and text were created with the exact Money Buzz brand colours.

We finished it all off by animating the Money Buzz logo and then let Hans have a nap.


The final edits in this content package are clean, crisp, simple, and informative. Money Buzz are just starting out so it will be very exciting to see how they go with the initial launch and we are really happy to be a part of it so far. Good luck guys!

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