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Motorola Whodunnit?


Motorola may be known for their iconic 2000s flip phone the “Razr” but these days they are the industry leaders in work site safety, surveillance, and artificial intelligence.

Their Ai, using their integrated CCTV cameras, can recognise unsafe situations on work sites and mine sites and coordinate a response to keep people safe. It’s amazing new technology and it beats humans every single time.


Our job was to come up with some way of showing just how powerful, quick, and accurate this Ai system is. We needed to put it head-to-head against the human brain. 

Of course we’re all big fans of Where’s Wally so our inner 7 year olds were excited to try out a “Whodunnit?” scenario where our powers of observation were put to the test.


This was a very fun project to put together! We decided to write a heavily 90’s-stylised scene reminiscent of a retro workplace training video. And yes we made it look like a dodgy VHS tape, complete with wonky audio and tracking errors.

Our cast of actors performed the scene in a single take – no edits. This was important for the concept. The camera follows our main character as he tries to find out who stole his lunch from the work fridge. As he moves through the scene our other actors, and a cast of support crew, start changing things in the room. Objects, colours, and even people are subtly switched without the viewer noticing.

When we finally pull out to the wide shot at the end there are 22 things that have been changed. How many did you pick?


The end of the edit is the big reveal.
After the scene finishes we then cut to a behind-the-scenes shot that shows how the trick was done. We can finally see our support crew moving props and changing objects away from the main camera shot.

We’re so happy with the result because it tricks people every time! Most people don’t notice any changes because of their fallible human brain, while the Motorola Ai consistently picks up 100% of changes instantly.

Plus the opportunity to develop the creative and write something in this super nostalgic 90s style was too good to pass up!

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