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Norfolk Hotel Cinema Ad


The Norfolk Hotel is a Fremantle icon and has been a favourite pub in WA since 1887. It’s seen many competitors come and go and is still one of the most popular venues in Freo. Their clientele is a little older and for this project they decided to create a cinema-specific commercial.



Cinema commercials are a little different to TV ads because they’re designed to be viewed on a massive screen. The Norfolk wanted a quick, 15 second ad that showcased their venue in the summer sunset. 15 seconds isn’t long so we went for a “mood” shoot rather than one filled with too much information.



This video was designed for a cinema and that meant we had to shoot in 4K resolution and master the audio for 5.1 surround sound. The shoot only took a few hours towards the end of the day to capture the perfect light. We organised a group of extras to be our actors and had several cameras roaming the venue.

Once the edit was complete we then had to submit the final product to CineAds Australia. This can be a complicated process but we’ve done it many times now so it was headache free.



The Norfolk love this video! They were impressed with the speed of delivery and with the lack of hassle involved in the shoot. Now their commercial can be seen before selected movies in cinemas all over Perth. Kind of makes us want to go and have fish and chips too.

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