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The Odd Fellow Bar Cinema Commercial


The Odd Fellow Bar, inside The Norfolk Hotel in Fremantle, is unique. It’s open till midnight every single night of the week so it doesn’t matter where you start your night, you know where it ends.

Their bar is one of the best-stocked in Fremantle so even if you have a picky palette you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re craving.


The Odd Fellow and The Norfolk advertise using cinema commercials. This 15 second ad needed to be attention grabbing but not overly complicated. It only needed to tell viewers two things – that The Odd Fellow is open until midnight every day, and that they have the best-stocked bar you can imagine.

15 seconds isn’t a long time for an edit so we kept it simple.


We decided to film this commercial in one shot. No edits, no cover ups, just a single dynamic shot.

We mounted our Sony FX6 onto dolly tracks so we could slide back and forth. The idea being that we start on a close up of a cocktail and pull back to reveal the huge wall of alcohol at The Odd Fellow.

Simple and subtly effective. We then added animated text graphics as overlay to reinforce the key messages.

The colour grade for this project was in line with the Odd Fellow’s aesthetic: gritty and smoky with a bit of film grain.


This looks absolutely incredible on a cinema screen! And as that’s the only place it’ll be seen it’s perfect.

We’ve created three commecials for The Norfolk Hotel now and they’ve loved each one!

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