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Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, thanks to the Black Swan Theatre Company. This unique stage production of the Rogers and Hammerstein classic is done with a modern twist and performed in the round! Using the WA State Theatre as their home the cast and crew of Oklahoma! bring this lively show to life with a few visual gems and some very inventive stage production.


Oklahoma! has just opened to the public but we were asked to come and film the very final full dress rehearsal. This is essentially a full-tilt run through of the show to make sure it all works seamlessly without a full crowd. Our job was to capture the action, fun, and music of the show to create a trailer and marketing material for the show’s run.


This version of Oklahoma! is a little different. For starters it’s performed “in the round” with the audience seated all around the stage rather than just in front. The stage itself is a giant turntable that rotates as the action happens! So that posed some challenges when it came to filming. Making sure we were out of the way of the performers, who would come in from all angles, was the hardest but also a bit of fun.

We cut together the trailer edit within two days of this dress run and dropped in the reviews as graphics as they came through from critics.


The show is now open to the public and the ticket sales are flying! The whole crew of Oklahoma! love their trailer and it’s being used to great effect promoting the show online. The colour, energy, and fun is all captured in this short clip. It was a really fun project to be a part of and it’s great to see the WA theatre scene going so well!

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