Openn Negotiation Excellence Awards


Welcome to transparency in real estate. That’s what Openn Negotiation is all about – putting the cards on the table when it comes to buying and selling a home. Openn is an online property purchasing platform that takes the shady guess work out of negotiations. The prices and offers are all out there for everyone to see.

Their first annual awards night was upon them and they needed a crew to film it.



This is a classic event video, filmed at the Claremont Football Stadium. The brief for this piece was to capture the event and showcase the people involved. We also needed to film vox pop interviews with key members of Openn Negotiation because it’s such a new concept. They needed people to understand just how good this way of selling is!



We had several cameras roaming the floor at the event and one outside conducting interviews. We also needed to record the audio straight out of the mixing desk and post produce it ourselves. That way the audio through the microphone stays crips and understandable. There’s nothing worse than horrible audio, it can ruin a well-shot video.



This is a fairly straightforward event video with some vox pops thrown in. Openn Negotiation is a fledgling group and as such they need marketing material to show people what they do. This was a great opportunity to show the group in a fun and lively atmosphere to encourage people to join them. Not to mention the interviews were all glowing in their praise!

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