Openn Negotiation Testimonials


The world of real estate is evolving and at the forefront of this change is Openn Negotiation – a new way of transparently selling property.

Openn is a new software platform that lets buyers and sellers put their cards on the table and sell property with no hidden information. Everybody involved knows exactly what bids are being made and it’s injecting some much needed confidence back into real estate.



Openn Negotiation have so many extremely happy clients that it was about time they let people know! They tasked us with conducting interviews with agents, buyers, and sellers to see what they thought. The brief was for a full length hero edit with several shorter cutdown edits for marketing.



We shot the interviews in a single location – the Openn Negotiation offices. The tone and mood was light, conversational, and filmed in a documentary-style. Our crew produced the entire creative from lighting setup, to conducting the interviews, all the way through the edit process.

Making the interviewees feel comfortable enough to share candid thoughts was most important. Our director is very experienced in this role and each of our talent really enjoyed the relaxed process.

Some of the overlay was shot externally and supplied by Openn Negotiation.


The final products are videos that reflect the brand values and enthusiasm surrounding Openn Negotiation. They really are heartwarming and positive. Openn now use this content to promote their platform to new clients, new agents, and anyone who visits them online.

It gives them a polished advantage when it comes to standing out from the competition and they couldn’t be happier. Also, how good is Cyril in the video??

We’ve filmed with Openn Negotiation before – check out their  awards night video we produced HERE