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Pacvac Rapid Clean


Pacvac began operating in Perth, Western Australia in 1978, designing and manufacturing backpack vacuum products for the Australian commercial cleaning market. Their products are now distributed to over 23 countries, revolutionising efficient cleaning worldwide as a sought after, leading brand for backpack vacuum cleaners.


Our task for this project was to create a product showcase video highlighting the latest Pacvac Thrift for Rapid Clean New Zealand customers. Pacvac wanted us to celebrate the  quality materials, user ergonomics and state of the art operational features that make the Thrift vacuum an industry leading product and preferred choice for cleaners globally.


For this one we jumped straight into our dedicated Birdhouse Studio – ideal for any product filming or photography. We worked to expertly light and capture each individual component of the Pacvac Thrift from stand alone set ups to seeing and hearing the product in action. With years of experience showcasing a range of products, our Producer knew exactly how to direct the talent to achieve the most visually compelling shots that succinctly highlight the vacuum’s features. Our in-house voice talent worked to provide not only a professional tone with the script provided, but also endowed the voice over with warmth and authenticity.


Finished off with animated text and smooth transitions which flow in and with the camera movements around the vacuum, this video was delivered to a very satisfied team at Pacvac. They felt so sucked into the video they couldn’t wait to watch it again. We look forward to working with the Pacvac team to expand their audience with more exciting product showcase videos.

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