Perth Velocity Roller Hockey


Roller Hockey is insane. It’s exactly like ice hockey but without the cold and the people who play in the Perth Velocity Inline Hockey League are just as crazy. A lot of their members come from places like Canada where hockey is a way of life. The speed, the spills, and the camaraderie are all things that need to be experienced first hand.

The Velocity membership is always growing and that’s why they got in touch with us to promote the entire league.


The plan was to encourage more people to join the Perth Velocity Roller Hockey League so we knew we needed to have a fast-paced and fun edit. Their recruitment drive is in full swing and this video provides the basis for that promotion. The league needed to come across as fun and legitimate but also inclusive of all skill levels. It’s about including everyone after all.


We organised a whole bunch of roller hockey players to come down and be our sports models as we mocked up different in-game scenarios and interactions. There were players from every team in the league and they patiently helped out in every shot.

Their games are played in the centre of the Speed Dome in Perth, which is where the track cyclists hold court. It’s an impressive venue but definitely held some challenges when it came to filming. Not to mention that we were constantly waiting for a hockey puck to take out one of our cameras.

We did however manage to fly the drone indoors to get some very interesting aerial shots of the action.


The final edit is a fast-paced and action-filled one that presents the roller hockey league as inclusive and friendly. There are plenty of bumps and knocks followed by big smiles and helping hands. The guys at Perth Velocity love the video and have been sharing it around to build up the hype surrounding the league. Here’s hoping they can add some more teams!

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