Perth Wildcats at Hawaiian Bassendean


Ask anybody and they’ll say that the best team in the NBL is the Perth Wildcats. They’re the reigning champions, they love to visit their supporters, and they have the biggest red army you’ve ever seen.

The Wildcats players regularly hold “fan days” where they meet and greet with their fans. The driving force behind this is one of their major partners Hawaiian.



Fan days like this at the Hawaiian Bassendean shopping centre are incredibly important for the public and team alike. It gives people an opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite players. And it lets the players say thank you to their supporters. Our job was to capture the action on the day and show just how much fun everyone was having.



We had several roaming cameras on the ground at this event filming everything from the signing booth to the action on the basketball court. There was a lot going on so the main aim was to gather as much footage as possible in a short amount of time. People also like to see their faces on camera so in the edit we tried to include as many different attendees as possible. This increases the chances of them sharing it online!



In the end the video shows the energy and fun of the event and aligns the Perth Wildcats and Hawaiian brands more closely. It has been shared many times through various social media channels and was a wholesome promotional experience for all involved.

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