Perth Wildcats talk Homebuying


The Perth Wildcats are one of the most successful sporting teams on the planet. Their win/loss record is jaw-dropping and Perth just loves them. Homebuyers Centre has teamed up with the Wildcats for the 2020 season and two of their star players stopped off for a chat. They talk about buying their own homes and what it’s like to house share with a  teammate.



Damian Martin and Mitch Norton are two of the marquee players in the ‘Cats. Fans love them and they spend a lot of time dedicating time to those that support them. Homebuyers Centre asked us to come down and film the launch of one of their new housing developments and we grabbed Damien and Mitch for a quick chat while we were there.



This was a spur of the moment idea that Homebuyers Centre had while we were filming their launch. They thought “why not grab the players for a quick talk while they’re here?” And we were in!

While we only had about five minutes with the players we still managed to capture enough footage to cut together into some fun, and funny social media content.


It was quick, it was fun, and it gives Homebuyers Centre yet another way to engage with their market. Interesting video content that is relevant to the market is so important these days. HC understands this and they’ve used this video to entertain and to align their brand with that of the Wildcats. Smart move!

Check out our video of that same launch day right HERE