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Pet Circle


Pet Circle are amazing, just ask pet parents! They have the widest range of pet products for dogs and cats to strange creatures like snakes and lizards, and their delivery service is unmatched.

Particularly because they’ve just opened up a brand new warehouse in Perth and have launched a huge fleet of delivery vehicles.

That’s why we were brought in – to let the world know that Pet Circle are out on the road in force.


The Birdhouse team’s job was to create a corporate promo video for Pet Circle to advertise the fact that their delivery fleet had started to roll out and that their new Perth warehouse had a stack of new products.

It was to be shown across their social channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In) as well as their website and direct marketing campaigns.


Shoots like this are fun and quick (when planned correctly) and this Pet Circle project was exactly that. We spent a half day with the crew out at their Canning Vale location capturing footage from the ground and the air.

We followed the Pet Circle team as they went about their work and mocked up some choreographed shots of their fleet vehicles polished up and lined up.

After filming wrapped we went into the edit to add animated text graphics and music tracks. 


Is it just us or do those delivery vans look awesome?! Kind of reminds us of the dog van from Dumb and Dumber 😂

Anyway, the final product is a clean and professional piece of content that lets people know all the right info that Pet Circle wanted to share.

Plus the whole process was headache free, and let’s face it that’s what we’re all striving for these days.

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