Pete Rowsthorn Hand Washing


COVID-19 has made us all reevaluate the way we stay hygienic and that includes hand washing. Many businesses are reeducating their staff on updated hygiene practices in the workplace. In order to keep their team and clients safe during this time new standards of cleanliness need to be applied.

SMS Mining is one such proactive group and they’ve opted to do things slightly differently with the help of comedian Pete Rowsthorn. You might remember Pete as Brett from Kath & Kim.


SMS Mining needed us to create a series of short educational videos for their own internal use. These focused on proper hand washing techniques, exercise, and mental health. They were designed not for public broadcast but to be shown to the SMS staff to remind them of the latest hygiene standards in place.

But with Pete Rowsthorn in the mix these videos were never going to be stuffy and boring. He brings his signature charm and goofiness to this project and in the end you don’t even realise that you learned something.


We filmed on location inside one of SMS Mining’s warehouses for authenticity (we had to keep stopping the shoot because the huge machines kept moving). Pete ran through several hand-washes and changed up his content and his jokes each time.

The main A camera was locked off in front while the B cam was a hand-held close up focusing on the action. We dropped the SMS logo in in post production and the entire project was completed in just a few days. Simple!



The final videos are fun, quirky, and quick, which is perfect if you’re trying to engage staff on an education and compliance level. These videos have only ever been seen by the SMS Mining staff but we thought we’d share it here because Pete is too good to keep hidden away.

The entire process was simple and efficient and SMS are extremely happy with the result.

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