Pete Rowsthorn Exercise Guru


SMS Mining Services care about their staff. When COVID hit the west coast they brought us in to produce a series of videos explaining proper hand washing technique. And in the host’s spot – Mr Pete Rowsthorn.

Working with Pete is always an adventure because he doesn’t know what a script is. You just hit record and let him do his thing. 

This time around SMS Mining wanted to create a series of short videos for their on-site staff to explain proper exercise techniques and encourage them to stay active.


Working on a mine site can be very tough. The long hours, isolation from friends and family, and the living conditions means that physical and mental health issues are common.

SMS Mining want to combat this and make sure their staff are happy and healthy. That’s why they brought in Pete to host these entertaining videos encouraging them to take care of themselves.

The videos are now shown on all screens around the various SMS Mining sites.


Pete Rowsthorn is very much a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy. 

We basically told him what exercise we wanted him to demonstrate and he did the rest (including taking his shirt off).

We filmed here in Perth at the SMS Mining HQ with two cameras because Pete never does the same thing twice. We had to make sure we captured it all.

The edit was fairly straightforward and little bit of fun.


The final video package was five short edits, each demonstrating a different exercise. They’re now being shown on all screens around the SMS Mining sites and if nothing else the staff are getting a kick out of seeing Pete’s goofy antics each day.

See the hand-washing videos we made with Pete HERE