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Planet App


We love a product launch! Particularly when the client is as fun and open to having a laugh as the team at Planet. They approached us to produce an attention-grabbing, funny video to introduce their new app.

The Planet app is like a good time tour guide – it’s where users go to search for whatever is happening in their area (at bars, restaurants, theme parks, etc…) and then make a plan to avoid sitting at home. 


Thankfully (and surprisingly) the guys at Planet had a simple request – make it fun and make it funny.

They really liked the original commercial for the Dollar Shave Club so we took that energy and updated it. This initial launch video was never intended for the general public, it was aimed squarely at attracting businesses to become part of the platform. So the messaging is all geared towards B2B but still has that quirky approach.


A project like this is almost tailor made for Birdhouse to produce. Our Company Director Hans wrote the script, storyboarded it, directed the shoot, and was the main host talent, while our other Company Director Drew ran DoP, did the edit and all of the sound design. Our Producer Josh made sure everything ran on-time and on-budget and our cast was made up of Planet family members and friends (and Josh is the scientist with the party popper at the end).

Being a startup the budget was very lean so we had to do things as efficiently as possible. We filmed the entire commercial in a single day in a single location in the Perth Hills. We bought props and costumes from op shops and generally pulled it together like a student film.


The final edit is a lot of fun! On a  project like this the pre production is far more time consuming than the post (if you plan correctly) so the edit came together very quickly.

We had heaps of fun during filming and can’t wait to do some more fun content with the Planet team.

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