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Polly Farmer Foundation


The RAC Arena has partnered with The Polly Farmer Foundation to shine a light on improving education and leadership opportunities in our indigenous communities and we are fully behind the cause!

The Polly Farmer Foundation was founded 25 years ago to support young First Nations people and students to live their potential and enrich their academic pathways.


What a great initiative! We love working with RAC Arena, and we have done so for many years, but we’re always impressed by the causes they choose to support. 

This is no different and our task was to create some video content to draw attention to the work Polly Farmer Foundation does in conjunction with RAC Arena.

The main platforms for distribution are social media.


We filmed a number of interviews with students and mentors in various locations around the Arena. The positivity and drive for the future was impressive.

We matched these interviews with a collection of images supplied by the foundation as we weren’t able to actually film any accompanying B roll footage. 


The end product is an informative and heartwarming video piece that educates viewers on who and what The Polly Farmer Foundation is.

We also had a great time filming this project because everyone was so nice and positive! Love that 😊

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