Prince Lane Spag-O Bites


Prince Lane is a fantastic three storey venue in the heart of Perth City and they serve a parmigiana pizza. We’re serious. With sweeping rooftop views of the city skyline and a mind-bendingly creative menu, this is one place to remember.

Prince Lane caters for a wide demographic and their online presence has been growing rapidly thanks to video content like this.



Prince Lane are brave when it comes to social media marketing and it’s working for them. They don’t mind trying new video content that other people aren’t doing. That’s how this video series concept came about – to have a host invite people into Prince Lane to explore the very inventive menu. Seriously, some of the things you can get here are sooooooo shareable online!



Our ever present host Hans took the on-camera duties for this video series. He talks with head Chef Ryan Ebbs and Prince Lane management and introduces viewers to things like the chicken parmigiana pizza and spaghetti-o bites. Seriously. No other menu in Perth has these things and Prince Lane wants you to know about it.

We shot 5 separate videos in a single session and then formatted them to be shared on social media. By the way these videos went nuts!



So many shares. So many. It turns out people love strange food they didn’t know existed and they love tagging their friends in it too. The traction that these videos got for Prince Lane in their target demographics was phenomenal. This is a great example of how fresh and well-executed video content can be a huge asset for a marketing strategy.

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