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Property Education Foundation


The Property Education Foundation is an organisation dedicated to informing young people about the amazing opportunities available in the property industry. They conduct school visits and education events to show young people just what a career in property could be like.

They also provide scholarships for students looking to further themselves in this area. But all of this needs to be marketed…


PEF tasked us with creating a video that they could use to educate students in an engaging and easy to understand way. It had to be short enough to keep their attention, fast moving enough to be interesting, but most importantly to contain all the information the students would need.



We selected Elizabeth Quay as a central “hub” project that each of our interviewees could relate to. The idea was to show just how many different jobs contribute to a single project like EQ. There are so many careers available within the property industry so making sure the students were aware of the scope was important.

Some of the key points we focused on was the opportunity for travel, the money that can be made, and the ability to advance into other areas later in life.


The final edit is engaging, bright, and informative. The Property Education Foundation are currently using it as their most effective way of quickly informing students of their opportunities in the industry. They hope to attract many more applications for their scholarships and we hope they do!

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