RAC Arena Q Jump


We’ve been working with the RAC Arena for years now and we always enjoy our projects with them. This is no exception. RAC Arena have just launched “Q Jump” – a pass that lets you skip the lines when you go to a show!

For an extra $20 you don’t have to line up to get in or for food, drinks, or merch. And they wanted a video to let everyone know about the sweet sweet deal.


This video bundle is specifically tailored for social media engagement. Even the full length Hero edit is very short, with a 15 second cutdown to compliment it on Instagram stories.

We had to cram a lot of key information into a short period, make it entertaining, and memorable.


Hosted by Hans Bruechle the video sees him bouncing around RAC Arena on an event night, skipping lines, meeting people, picking up drinks, and promoting Q Jump.

The style is fast. Very fast, and high energy to get in, get their attention, and get out. It’s branding with a slight info edge.



The result speaks for itself (not a whole lot of hidden messages in this one, just a fast talker with faster edits). RAC Arena are using these videos right now to promote Q Jump and to value-add for their customers and it’s working!

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