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QT Hotel Perth: Launch Party


QT Hotels are the most instantly-recognisable in Australia because of their quirky decor, unique approach to each guest, and staff who are all performers.

When the QT Perth opened (with live tattooing, opera singing, breakdancing, almost nude painted models, and the best food and drink) Birdhouse Media was there to capture all the craziness.



This launch event was typically QT – over the top, jaw dropping, and full of hidden surprises. Four actual hotel rooms were hidden away and, if you could find them, had different performances in progress. One was an acoustic chill out room with poetry, one featured classical violin and a soprano, one was a 1950s martini-drenched theatre piece, and one was the party room complete with DJ, live tattooing, and krump dancing on the bed!



This after event video needed to capture all of the craziness that was going on so we used quick cuts and a pumping music track combined with our flowing shots to show what it was all about.



This video was used to great effect online after the launch to show potential guests just how QT likes to operate and the sort of things they do that are a little bit off the wall.