RAC Arena 10 year Anniversary


RAC Arena is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2022 and the Birdhouse team was on hand to check in and see how they’re doing. In the last ten years they’ve seen some of the world’s biggest acts grace their stage, not to mention some of the most exciting sporting moments, so this edit was always going to be interesting!


This project was mostly about looking back over the last decade and trawling through archival footage. Things have changed a lot and it was so much fun seeing the old footage of the Arena being built and the acts that have played there.

We’ve been working with RAC Arena for many years now so we already had a vast collection of our own footage, but the older vision from the commercial TV networks was fun to watch and include.

This was an edit-only job with no extra filming required.


Seeing a “young” Richard Wilkins gave us chills but the edit process was fairly straightforward and was all about digging through old footage and finding those big names, those big moments that make RAC Arena what it is. This anniversary was always going to be huge and the footage reflects that.

It’s also great to see how much has changed (and what has stayed the same) over the years. Not going to lie, Richard’s hairline has had a pretty rough decade.


The final edit is quick, energetic, and full of action. We wanted to show just how busy and vibrant the Arena is and this anniversary edit gets you up to speed on everything pretty quickly.

Throw in a couple of animated text graphics and she’s done!

If you want to see more of our work with the RAC Arena check it out HERE