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RAC Arena Cocktails


Sure, you could celebrate your 10th Anniversary with a cake but the RAC Arena are doing it with cocktails! Several venues located around the Arena have created some spectacular limited-edition cocktails to celebrate this anniversary milestone and we followed Famous Sharron as she showed us where they all were!


We’ve been filming with the RAC Arena for years now and this style of shooting and editing is something we’ve developed over that time. Peach & Pineapple are the PR group in charge of the Arena and their connections with the bars around Perth ensure we always get the very best access to things. The task was to introduce these venues and their cocktails in a fun and engaging way for social media. Famous Sharron is just about the most colourful and energetic host you can imagine so we simply wound her up (mostly on liqueur) and let her run with it.


We filmed this in a single evening, simple following Sharron around as she visited The Standard, Willi’s, Market Grounds, Pirate Life Bar, and The Stables. Each of the cocktails on offer at these venues has something different to offer. And they all recognise the fact that RAC Arena is a marquee destination for events in Perth. A great anniversary celebration and a great idea!


It’s always fun when we bounce between different nightlife venues, and Famous Sharron is a lot of laughs on and off camera. The final edit, which was posted immediately on social media, is very colourful and full of life. Plus we turned around the edit in just a few days after filming! Want to see more of our with with the Arena? Have a peek HERE