RAC Arena: 5 Best Late Night Venues


Perth Arena is the premiere performance venue for local and international acts including Pink, Queen, KISS, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Disney, and many many more.



Perth Arena were looking to educate people on the hidden benefits and tricks associated with the venue to help them get more out of their Arena experience. They wanted to create entertaining branded content for heavy use on their social media channels.



Birdhouse Media worked with The Peach & Pineapple Co. for their client Perth Arena to create this hosted video. Birdhouse Director Hans presents the video and unveils 5 of the best tips at the Arena including beating the parking system and where to get discount drinks!



A huge online viewership  including thousands of shares and tags. This video reached 400,000 views within a few days and has been engaged with thousands more times. The overwhelming trend of the comment section is very positive too with most people happily surprised by finding out some new information.