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RAC Arena: 5 Best Late Night Venues


RAC Arena is the premiere performance venue for local and international acts including Pink, Queen, KISS, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Disney, and many many more.

But it’s not just about the great shows at the Arena – Pert also has a long list of late night venues that stay up well past midnight. Once your show is done don’t go home – go out!


RAC Arena wants you to make a night of it. Sure, come to a show and see some awesome performances, but once its done you don’t have to go home straight away. There are lot of places within walking distance of the Arena that will serve you food and drinks till the early hours.

Our job was to introduce viewers to some of the best!



Hans is at the wheel hosting this video as we hop from venue to venue finding out who stays open the latest. A lot of hand held camera work was used to give this edit a guerilla feel and it matches Hans’ energetic style perfectly!

We worked with the amazing team at Peach & Pineapple to put this project together and the result was unbelievable.



We ended up with a huge online viewership including thousands of shares and tags. This video reached 400,000 views within a few days and has been engaged with thousands more times. The overwhelming trend of the comment section is very positive too with most people happily surprised by finding out some new information.
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