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RAC Arena/Alter Boy - Live in the studio


We got to sit down with Molly and Midnight from Alter Boy in the studio to chat about their upcoming full length studio album. We wanted to find out exactly what inspires the band, and how they channel that into writing the haunting melodies and evocative lyrics that they’re renowned for.

Hans hosted the interviews as he seems to be good at asking a lot of questions (don’t tell him that though).


Every project with Alter Boy is a good bit of fun. We’ve done several projects with them over the past twelve months and they’re a great gang. This time it was a pretty simple sit-down interview with two founding members of the band – Molly and Midnight, accompanied with some vision captured at Forrest Studios in West Leederville. 


Our approach with this project wasn’t too complicated. Each shot was essentially a locked off two-shot on A Cam, with a closeup of the subject on B Cam. First and foremost with an interview, is how interesting the subject is. We had no doubts that Molly and Midnight were going to smash their interviews, they’re both super passionate and interesting people – but Hans did a great job at pulling a great interview out of both of them.

We then needed to weave footage from live gigs, shots from the recording session, and one of our earliest projects wit Alter Boy to ensure it was entertaining for the viewer. 


The result was this little video that turned out to be a good bit of fun. Molly and Midnight were great interview subjects and were more than happy to give us an insight on what goes into recording a full-length studio album. 

Be sure to check out all the latest from Alter Boy, and keep your ears peeled for their brand new album – coming 2024!