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RAC Arena - Alter Boy Q&A


We shot this fun little Q&A video for RAC Arena with three members of Alter Boy – Heaven, Hell, and… Molly (anticlimactic we know). Testing their knowledge of each other and the bands history – only one can be crowned the champion, who will it be?


This project was a good bit of fun, we were tasked with heading out to Mega Music in Myaree to facilitate this Q&A in a game show-esque style. Heaven was set to host, and came prepared with the most niche, cutthroat, and ruthless set of questions ever for Molly and Hell. This video needed to be flashy, upbeat, and most of all – entertaining, we felt we were up to the task and couldn’t wait to get started. 


Our approach was pretty simple, film three members of the band in a way where we could have a close up of both the host and two contestants, as well as a wide shot of all three people. Mega Music was the ideal location for a few reasons – their guitar room was the perfect space to film in as it allowed up to have a very interesting background, as well as be an ideal environment for sound. Mega Music also happens to have sponsored Alter Boy with equipment, so they have a keen interest in the bands success! 

During the post production process we had a ton of fun with the graphics, sound effects, and the pitched down voice declaring the winner at the end (courtesy of our lovely editor Georgia). 


We couldn’t be happier about how this video turned out, it was a great afternoon filming with Molly, Heaven, and Hell from Alter Boy – and is a great video for all the big fans who want to know some fun facts about the band. 

If you’d like to learn more about Alter Boy, head onto their socials at @alterboyband on Instagram!