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RAC Arena – Best Late Night Venues 2.0


RAC Arena is one of the best live music venues in the world. In. The. World. Performers like Queen, KISS, P!nk, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Cher, Post Malone, and many many more have graced their stage. Their value is not just in hosting the best shows on earth but in providing a cultural experience from before the lights go down till well after the final applause.


This is another hosted video, presented by our frequent host Hans Bruechle. The job was to take audiences on a tour of the 5 best venues in Perth that stay open way past midnight. The idea being that once your show wraps up at the Arena you don’t have to go home – why not kick on with some late night feeds? Working with our friends at Peach & Pineapple we developed a concept and then took to the streets to film it!


With Hans hosting the video you know it’s going to be fun. We shot this in a very hand-held, organic style that adds realism and draws the viewer in. Quick cuts coupled with short voice grabs and comments keep the pace fast while the colourful footage and fun topics add entertainment.


This style of hosted video are traditionally some of the best-performing videos we produce. With 180,000 views and counting this video is no exception and the marketing reach has been phenomenal. Each of the venues mentioned has received a bump in visitors and the RAC Arena are positioned as cultural leaders in Perth, not just a place to watch the basketball. See some of our other hosted work for RAC Arena HERE