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RAC Arena Girl's Night Out


We love filming these videos for RAC Arena! They’re always so much fun and we get to check out the latest bars and venues surrounding the Arena. The idea is to encourage people to think a little differently about a night out at the Arena for a show. Why does it just have to be about the show? Why not make an entire night of it and head out before and after to some of our fantastic venues here in Perth? We worked closely alongside the fantastic team from Peach & Pineapple for this project.


This time around it’s all about the girls. Our job was to follow our hosts Haley and Claire as they bounced between bars on the ultimate Girl’s Night Out. From enomatic wine bars to secret disco lounges this video has it all!


Filmed in a single night this crawl took us everywhere. We shoot this style of video from two angles, both hand-held to give it an organic and natural feel. The editing is fast and full of energy so we steer away from static tripod shots that tend to bring that energy and pace down. We created a full length edit which runs at over 2 minutes, but we also put together a social media cutdown which is around 30 seconds. Gotta plan for the platform!


Another successful night out (and we didn’t even drink too much this time). It’s fun, it’s informative, and hopefully the viewers pick up a few tips on where to check out next time they’re in the area. Have a peek at some more fun suff we’ve done fro RAC Arena HERE