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It’s NAIDOC Week in Australia and the RAC Arena wants to celebrate Indigenous culture by teaching you some Noongar words! The Arena is right in the heart of Perth city so that means that the traditional language of the area is Noongar. This quick video, produced for social media, is designed to bring some Aboriginal awareness and knowledge into our everyday lives and hopefully be a bit of fun too. This project concept was created and developed by the team at Peach & Pineapple.


We hit the main bowl in the RAC Arena with a full crew and lighting to shoot a traditional smoking ceremony and film some of the NAIDOC team translate some Noongar words for us. This campaign was solely for social media and was used by RAC Arena to celebrate our First Nations people.


The Arena bowl is a big place. But that kind of made it more fun! We dimmed the stage lights and brought our own in to control the moodiness and atmosphere. We filmed the presenters in various locations around the main bowl translating Noongar words and having a bit of fun. Once the presentations were captured we reset on the main floor for a fantastic smoking ceremony. There was nothing but positivity and inclusiveness in the room that day.


It’s short, it’s straight to the point, and it’s a lot of fun. Hopefully those that saw our video on social media learned a thing or two and maybe they’ll even use some of their new found knowledge in everyday conversation. Boordawan! We’ve produced a lot of content for the RAC Arena and you can see some more right HERE