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RAC Arena: Perth’s Newest Venues


We love working with the RAC Arena! Especially when we get to film things like this with Perth’s best new venues. It’s all about making a night of it when you come to see a show at the Arena. Go for a drink before the show, then head out afterwards, because Perth has plenty to offer if you’re willing to look. Some people think that going to a concert or performance at RAC Arena is in the “too hard” basket, but our series of social media videos shows that couldn’t be further from the truth.
We worked on this project with the amazing team at Peach & Pineapple.


This is yet another video in our series exploring Perth all around the RAC Arena. We’ve seen the best late night venuesthe best winter eatstips for the kids, and even life hacks when heading to the Arena. These are super fun to shoot and get great engagement on social media. The very first one of these we did hit 500,000 views in three days!


With our host Alana McLean at the helm we bounced from venue to venue, trying out all the spots that have just opened. On the day we only get to spend about 45 minutes at each location but you’d never know it from the edit. Two cameras capture everything from signature dishes and funny comments from the host, to signage and weird furniture. Over the years we’ve realised that over-shooting is as bas as under-shooting. So these days we only film what’s needed for the edit (and then a little bit extra). We have lots of fun with these in the edit suite too!


The end result is an extremely share-able piece of video content. We supply different screen formats too – widescreen for Facebook and YouTube, 4:5 for Instagram posts, and vertical for IGTV. That way the video is native to the screen it’s being viewed on and gets that much better traction with the viewers. These days it’s all about mobile viewing so we’ve made sure we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to formatting. Have a look at our RAC Arena: Best Late Night Venues 2.0