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RAC Arena Recycling


We love working with the RAC Arena (and not just because sometimes they give us free tickets to stuff). They’re always one step ahead of things and this project is no exception.

Getting your trash where it needs to go is super important (not just recycling) and the Arena now has a 4-bin setup to make sure things are being handled right. The only problem is that most people don’t quite know how to use them correctly.


There’s a whole bunch of tips and tricks when it comes to throwing things away and many people get it wrong.

Enter our host Hans who gets put through his paces by waste management expert Rob from W.R.I.T.E. Solutions. Hans is tested on his knowledge of what rubbish goes where.

He goes pretty well but it’s definitely not a perfect score!


Did you know used napkins go in the Organics bin? Neither did we!

We filmed this hand-held for a very quick and energetic edit, which matches Hans’ signature presenting style. It’s an information-heavy video but hopefully people find it a bit more entertaining than normal.

Sony A7siii
16-35mm lens


The end result is yet another fast-paced RAC Arena edit. We developed this style of shooting and editing for them years ago and every time we create a new one they all match perfectly. Hopefully now everyone that come to the Arena put their trash exactly where it needs to go!

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