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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation - Plastic Lid Ban


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has been working for quite some time to transition WA to a state that is free of single use plastic cups, straws, and now finally lids – in order to help curb the effect these are having on our environment. 


DWER approached us to produce the video content for their plastic lid ban campaign to help inform WA about this transition, and what other steps the general public can take to help keep plastic waste out of our environment. 

This video was to be pushed across YouTube as a preroll ad, as well as be promoted across LinkedIn and Facebook in order to get the most amount of reach prior to the ban. 

We always have a fantastic time collaborating with DWER on projects, and this one was no different!


Our approach for this project was a bit different to the previous projects that we’ve done with DWER. These were more science based and interview/graphics focused while this project was far more commercial and public facing, and as such required a bit more time devoted to the pre production. 

We initially began with the ‘Good, Better, Best’ tagline. The entirely disposable paper coffee cup was the ‘Good’ option, the reusable coffee cup as the ‘Better’ option, while the ‘Best’ option was dining in and having your coffee. We needed to build a scenario (complete with characters) around this concept, find a location and cast, and finally film it. 


We’re incredibly pleased with the results of this project, the reception to the video has been great both internally with DWER, and with the general public as well. We had a great time filming, it was an incredibly hot day but the cast and crew pushed through. Commercial work is always a great time as it involves more people than our standard crew, and collaborating with other creatives drives us to make better content! 

If you’d like to find out more information on the plastics ban here in WA, click HERE