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RAC Arena - Women in Music Roundtable


As part of a brand new series, RAC Arena played host to their first Roundtable discussion featuring some of Perth’s brightest up and coming female musicians. Hosted by Bridget Hustwaite, this series dives into the Perth music scene and the challenges they face within such a male dominated industry.

Many thanks to Peach & Pineapple for helping to facilitate such an amazing project!


These roundtable discussions dive deep into the world of local Western Australian artists, and touch on the issues that are faced within certain groups.

This episode features four amazing women: Angie Colman (winner of RAC Arena’s Limelight Initiative for 2024), Hazel Meyer (from Those Who Dream, and is also the 2024 Limelight runner up), and Grace Armstrong (of Joan and the Giants) – hosted by Bridget Hustwaite, bestselling author and presenter extraordinaire.

This roundtable discussion is all about what women face within the live music space in Perth, the different challenges each person has come across, and what can be done to make the music scene stronger and more inclusive in the future. 


Our approach to this was pretty simple, we essentially set up four cameras in a studio setup to be able to capture each person when it was their turn to contribute to the discussion, as well as a wide angle to capture all participants in a master shot. 

As Bridget hosted the panel, there was not a whole lot we needed to do to drive the discussion – she’s very used to running the show given her history at Triple J!

The post production process was also pretty straightforward as we only had to shave off the pauses, and cut between the different camera angles to focus on each subject. As a result the conversation has a very natural flow and cadence.


We are incredibly pleased with the results of the first ever RAC Arena Roundtable. Such an awesome group of young women that have a bright future ahead of them, we cant wait to see what comes next! We really enjoy doing long format videos such as these as they’re super engaging and always fun to shoot. 

Keep your eyes peeled, as we are already planning the next instalment in this series. If you’d like to check out some other work we’ve done for RAC Arena, click HERE!