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Raith Skateboards World Record Attempt


Opportunities like this don’t come along very often!

We recently had the great fortune of filming a short documentary-style clip for Raith Skateboards, the makers of the world’s fastest electric skateboard.

The shoot was centered around the owner and creator of the skateboard, Raine Kent, as he attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Speed on an Electric Skateboard.


Our task was to capture the nervous energy and preparation before the record attempt, and to hopefully see Raine break it!

A crowd of friends and family turned out to see the attempt, and a group of official Guinness World Record time keepers were trackside to officiate. 

It sounds fairly straightforward but this shoot was anything but…


The shoot took place on a 1km custom-made test track in Perth, Western Australia, where Raine prepared to break through the 130km/h barrier. The energy and excitement were palpable as we set up our cameras and got ready to capture the action. We had a helicopter in the sky filming from above and a camera crew on the ground to capture every moment.

The crowd eagerly waited in anticipation as Raine prepared for his record-breaking attempt. We filmed as he took to the track, building up speed and racing towards the finish line. The tension was high as he approached the 130km/h mark, and when he broke through it, the celebration and relief were immense.


We captured every moment of the historic event, from the trepidation of the lead-up to the atmosphere of the day.

We also had the opportunity to film some stunning footage of the skateboard in action, showcasing its incredible speed and manoeuvrability.

Overall, the documentary film shoot was an incredible experience, and we were honoured to be a part of such an historic moment. We are excited to share this story with the world and show the incredible feat of engineering that is the Raith Skateboard.

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