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World's Fastest Skateboard


Raith Skateboards have done something very cool. They’ve designed and built the fastest electric skateboard the world has ever seen. It can hit speeds of over 120km/h, is made almost entirely of carbon fibre, and is just awesome looking.

It’s not cheap but when you’re the Ferrari of skateboards that’s the last thing on anyone’s mind.


This edit is just the teaser to get the Raith name out there. We didn’t want to give too much away but we wanted to show just how awesome this weapon is. Raith gave us the brief of keeping things quick and exciting with plenty of tight shots so that we maintained the mystery while still introducing skaters to this revolutionary new board.


Everything you see here was filmed in only a few hours in our studio. We got creative with some coloured lighting tubes and used some cool lenses like our probe lens. That allowed us to get into some tight spots for a very different viewpoint on some shots. 

The carbon fibre pattern is a big feature of this skateboard so we played that up with our lighting, and then switched it all up with some bright white-background product shots.

Top it all off with some glitchy transitions and animated text effects (with matching sound effects) and you’ve got a high octane hype reel!


Not all products are created equal, so when you get a chance to create content for such an awesome product as this it’s a dream come true. We were let off the leash a little when it came to the creative direction so we jumped into the studio and just had some fun with it.

Here’s to more like this!

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