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Australian Honey Ventures Capital Raise #2


Australian Honey Ventures is one of our favourite clients to work with. They’re all about supporting local Australian beekeepers and making sure our world-leading honey product stays on Aussie shelves and keeps the money on our shores.


When AHV raises capital to grow their business they use the platform Birchal – a crowdfunding service that connects new businesses with potential financial partners. Previously we created their initial capital raise campaign and this time, for round 2, we’re back at it encouraging investors to take AHV to the next level.

All of our video content is shared with Birchal members and the key is to get those members to buy into the entire AHV world.


We’ve been working with AHV for a few years now so our archive of great footage is extensive. For this round 2 capital raise we simply added to it by filming new messaging and scenarios with our key company figures.

They are seeking funding to grow their distribution and packing centre, and expand their product offering into medicinal honey products. It’s an exciting time for AHV and we’re happy to be along for the ride.


Round 2 of the capital raise was much like round 1 – exceeded expectations! AHV was able to generate a lot of buzz (sorry…pun definitely intended) and easily met their financial goal for the next level of growth. Now they’re upgrading their packing capabilities and moving into some great overseas markets.

It’s all looking golden for Aussie honey (again…apologies)

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