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Australian Honey Ventures Capital Raise


Australian Honey Ventures is a fantastic Aussie startup company that aims to give our beekeepers a fairer go, and offer buyers a better quality honey product. They know that Australian honey is the best in the world and they want to make sure our supermarket shelves are stocked with home-grown product that supports our local honey industry rather than sending our money off-shore.

AHV is a startup so they needed to raise capital. That’s where we come in – to produce and create a campaign of video content introducing potential investors to this great company.


AHV approaches investors on the platform Birchal – a crowdfunding service that connects new businesses with potential financial partners. Every startup needs to show what they’re about and so our task was to introduce AHV to the world through a video campaign.


We completed several filming days with the key operators in the AHV group – CEO Jay Curtin, Chairman Steve Fewster, and brand ambassador Nick “the Honey Badger” Cummins. There are a lot of talking heads in this piece, purely because viewers need to see the people behind the brand. But we also had a lot of fun filming with the bees in some apiaries and in the AHV packing and stock warehouse. Our shooting schedule took us all around the South West of WA.

The world of honey is so interesting and to see it all happening right here in WA on such a scale is fantastic!


The result of this capital raise campaign is that AHV met their investor target…and then kept going! They raised so much in the initial investor run that they were able to upgrade their packing facility and expand their product line. What a win!

Now they’re eyeing off high-value international markets like the Middle East, and going from strength to strength.

We also produced a really fun television commercial campaign for AHV (featuring the Honey Badger) and you can watch it HERE