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Real Good Honey Uncovered


Real Good Honey is an emerging honey brand whose focus is on  100% Australian, non-imported, natural honey.

They approached us to help show off their new ‘Table Honey’ range with the help of their good friend, and brand ambassador, Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins

Who would have thought that someone nicknamed “The Honey Badger” would love honey this much?


Real Good Honey wanted us to produce a fun and informative flagship video for the national launch of their new brand of Table Honey.

As Real Good Honey is all about transparency (they don’t import any ingredients from overseas), our goal was to come up with a… unique and visually stimulating way of showing it – and Nick had no issue uncovering his rig for a good cause.


We always knew this video was going to be a lot of fun to make – as Nick is great fun to work with and a good sport (it was seriously really cold during this shoot).

We wanted this video to be informative (check), and a bit cheeky (double check). Our crew was 14 people strong so every base was completely covered.

Everything about Real Good Honey is sustainable, from their packaging to their production process – so naturally this project was easy to get behind. 

In post production we worked hard on the audio mixing and colour grade to make sure the skin tones matched across all shots.


The final edit is cheeky, honest, and filled with hilarious moments. We wanted to drive home Real Good Honey’s mantra of transparency in a fun way, 

All up, this project was fantastic to be a part of, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

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