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Introducing Table Honey


Real Good Honey approached us to help launch their brand new ‘Table Honey’ range with the help of their good friend, Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins! 

Who would have thought that someone nicknamed ‘The Honey Badger’ would love honey?


Real Good Honey is just about to release their new range of table honey onto supermarket shelves across Australia and they needed some commercials to accompany the launch.

They wanted this video to be informative, honest, and playful. Good thing Nick Cummins brings all of those to the (breakfast) table!

This project was all about introducing Real Good Honey to customers and highlighting their unique business model of doing right by their beekeepers, doing right by the environment, and doing right by the customers by keeping their honey 100% Australian.

Everything they do is sustainable, and their packaging is 100% recyclable – so naturally this project was easy to get behind. 


We knew this project was going to be a ton of fun – just because of how much of a pleasure Nick is to work with. 

Our crew was 14 strong, comprised of everything from Director and DoP to Gaff and Food Stylist. We shipped out to the wilds of Gingin north of Perth to film amongst the bee hives and managed to avoid even a single bee sting!

The biggest challenge for this commercial was the changing lighting conditions, which meant our gaffers had to work hard to even-out the shadows.


The final edit is energetic, informative, and bright. We wanted Nick’s personality to shine through as much as possible throughout the spot, while still being able to communicate all the information in the script – which we feel is balanced pretty effectively here. 

All up, this project was a pleasure to work on. Real Good Honey is a fantastic Australian brand with a great business model.

If you’d like to check out more of their products, click the link HERE.