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Regis Aged Care


Regis Aged Care is an Australia-wide provider of exceptional retirement living. They operate dozens of locations all around the country and they focus on creating an atmosphere where residents can live the life they choose to.

Here in WA Regis has 11 locations, all with different setups and atmospheres. 


Regis contacted us to film walkthrough tours of each of their WA locations. It was very important to them that we show the unique nature of their aged care in each different spot. A particular focus was also placed on the cooking and food preparation, which Regis prides itself on.

We covered a lot of ground going to each location – from Bunbury and Port Coogee, all the way out to Greenmount and Embleton.


Each Regis home is different but they all share similar characteristics and goals. Our job was to show viewers not only the facilities and amenities available at each location but to also give them an idea of the atmosphere. These walkthrough edits are heartwarming and welcoming as well as being informative. 

Take a look below at the different videos we produced, which you’ll notice all adhere to the same style guide but all have a unique feeling.


The final package of videos for Regis are a great representation of their brand. We worked quite hard on matching the tone and feel of the edits to their brand values. 

For people searching for an aged care provider for themselves or a loved one these videos are a great resource in helping them decide. They can quickly see what’s on offer and get a feel for the place. Then if they like the look they can contact Regis to come and see it in person.

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