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Ride for Youth


The Hawaiian Ride for Youth is one of the most well-known and recognised charity bike rides in Australia. In 2022 they celebrated their 20th anniversary raising much needed funds for Youth Focus – helping young people living with suicide, depression, and mental health challenges.

This ride is a phenomenal journey for riders and support crew, traveling from Albany in WA’s south west back up to Perth. All up the ride is about 720kms, which is a great effort!


We’ve been following and filming the Ride for Youth for many years and we’ve seen it go from strength to strength over that time. For the 20th anniversary of the ride we were asked to actually ride along with the pelotons (albeit inside a car). The aim was to capture all of the action on the bike but also the camaraderie and friendships formed off the bike.  


The ride takes about 4 days to complete and we attached ourselves to the three pelotons over the week. Three riding groups took three different routes back to Perth – either up the coast, through the inland, or traveling across the wheatbelt. Our job was to leapfrog between these large groups and film the changing landscapes and riders.

We captures some great footage from the air and the ground and had a fantastic time catching up with the riders at the end of the day over some beers. We interviewed the key figures about their reasons for doing the ride and their experience during ride week.

Logistically it was a challenge. Moving between pelotons and not knowing exactly where they were at any one time made it a guessing game of cycling hide-and-seek but we found them! And the footage we captured is amazing.


The clip posted above is only a very short promo edit of the entire ride. We capture so much great footage that has been turned into a tonne of content for the event. The combination of the stunning West Australian scenery and the heartfelt message of the ride resulted in a truly touching collection of material.

We can’t wait to see where the ride goes from here and hopefully we’ll be part of it for years to come!

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